Coll. CRISS CROSS : Bistro Table Color: ‘Ricard’


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Design and production by GRINT
Materials: Powder coated steel, 3d print PETG

The Criss Cross bistro tables are a limited edition production
by GRiNT. The name refers to the joyfulness of the graphical
drawing, the colors and the shapes which can be combined
in a ‘criss cross’ way.
Through the colors and the 2 different shapes, a lot of
combinations are possible for any kind of purpose:
on the terrace of your home or appartement, for
bars or restaurants, from candyshops to high class establishments…
You will see that the Criss Cross table will fit into all places!
It will give a vibrant look and feel that lifts the atmosphere
of it’s surroundings with a ‘taste of GRiNT’


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